The Frenchman


The Frenchman


Guillaume Desmurs

Parisian-born chef and founder of the Flying Frenchman, Guillaume Desmurs, believes strongly in the power of good food. Why Because for him, the creation and sharing of food is an expression of care, family and friendship. With this philosophy as his compass, he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of food that is good.

His mother was a restaurateur in Paris, his father a jazz club owner. Hardly surprising then that Guillaume went into hospitality. But he also has a wanderlust.

He has travelled the world seeking out the best foods, fusing different cultural ideas and flavours into his own unique cuisine.

These years of travel have sharpened his concern and compassion for the world. He realised early on that the best meals - whether from a bistro or street vendor - were the product of great ingredients. To be 'great' meant food grown naturally, without chemicals, sustainably and ethically.

After time in Paris as a restaurateur he moved, in 2005, to New Zealand where he began producing artisanal charcuterie products from organic and free-range ingredients.

In 2006 he launched his first brand, L'Authentique, bringing premium charcuterie products to New Zealand's fine dining restaurants and delicatessens.

While L'Authentique continues to thrive, he and his family wanted to base themselves back in the Northern hemisphere. So after a preiod of time living in Dubai, they came to London to start another brand, focused on providing people with an easy, but healthy, snack food alternative - because life is too short to eat bad food and bad food can make your life too short.