Le Manifesto

At the Flying Frenchman we combine the tradition of French Charcuterie with flavours of the world, using recipes inspired by a lifetime of exploration and curiosity.

Years of travel have taught us that, in all cultures, the best flavours come from real, whole foods, prepared with  honesty and care. Food that is 'good' - good for your body and mind, and for our planet.

We are a modern company because we are meeting the needs of the modern, urban consumer in respect of quality, well being and environment. To do this we dive into the past using techniques which have existed for millennia and refuse every modern compromise

We believe that everyone should be better informed about what they eat and how these choices affect their health and the environment. For the last 40 years much of the food industry has pursued profit and scale over quality and care which has, sadly, resulted in the development of environmentally damaging production practices and the inclusion of chemical enhancers.

Many food producers claim to have the best products, but claiming isn't enough, you have to live it. That is why we challenge ourselves to work with the best farms, source only the freshest ingredients, the best free range meats and exclude the use of any additives such as preservatives, colourants, stabilisers and flavour enhancers - Well, anything that our Grandparents wouldn't have eaten!. 

The Flying Frenchman stands for quality, sustainability, good practice and honesty. In short we hope to develop a marketplace where quality is measure not just in the final product, but across its entire journey so that you can eat the good food you deserve.